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Welcome to the Art Studio ”Artishock,”  where art begins!



Art Studio “Artishock” provides Fine Art classes for children ages 4-12 through adult. Lessons are designed to introduce fundamental visual art concepts to children and adults. Our program helps to develop ability to identify the elements of art in the environment and in works of art. With introduction to a variety of media (pencil, charcoal, oil pastel and tempera paint) students will learn to apply their understanding of the elements of art as well as discuss the works they make. Students of Art Studio ”Artishock“ will learn a wide variety of techniques, with an emphasis on the drawing and painting processes. Also, students will be exposed to art historical movements and art vocabulary, to provide inspiration for individual expression.

Curriculum is varied to include teaching still-life, the figure, landscape, portraiture, etc. This fine art program offers art instruction that goes far beyond simple reproductions. It teaches a student how to “look” and how to "see" in a new way and offers basic understanding of how to draw and paint, using unlocked creativity. Drawing and painting are learned subjects, just like any other.